Mirror NecklaceMirror Necklace
Sold out

Mirror Necklace

$18.90 $20.90
Multi Bezel NecklaceMulti Bezel Necklace

Multi Bezel Necklace

Poise NecklacePoise Necklace
On sale

Poise Necklace

$25.90 $27.90
Balance NecklaceBalance Necklace

Balance Necklace

Single Bezel NecklaceSingle Bezel Necklace

Single Bezel Necklace

Nisha NecklaceNisha Necklace

Nisha Necklace

Mini Paperclip NecklaceMini Paperclip Necklace

Mini Paperclip Necklace

Ornate Cross NecklaceOrnate Cross Necklace
Sold out

Ornate Cross Necklace

Mini Solitaire NecklaceMini Solitaire Necklace
On sale

Mini Solitaire Necklace

$30.90 $33.90
Into The Stars NecklaceInto The Stars Necklace
On sale

Into The Stars Necklace

$32.90 $36.90
Beaded Layered NecklaceBeaded Layered Necklace
On sale

Beaded Layered Necklace

$36.90 $37.90
Annika Pearl NecklaceAnnika Pearl Necklace

Annika Pearl Necklace

Aime Heart NecklaceAime Heart Necklace
On sale

Aime Heart Necklace

$28.90 $31.90
Sadie Pearl NecklaceSadie Pearl Necklace

Sadie Pearl Necklace

Olympia NecklaceOlympia Necklace

Olympia Necklace


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